Using technology and digital media to build the new Nigeria (you)


It all starts with you, yes You and Me. We make up the space and time called Nigeria in the scheme of things as we have it today! What if I started by asking you if there was a clear purpose of what you wanted your life to look like? Each creation begins with a clearly defined goal, while technology remains a lever that improves its achievement. Currently Nigeria is 61 years old, and you and I are one of that number. What is our clearly defined goal or set of goals? When there is no goal, all is well to commit, but with a clearly defined goal, only the goal matters. Because EVERYTHING is created twice, first inside and then without.

That said, new technologies are emerging rapidly to redefine what we know today as our reality, and they include:

  1. Internet of things: aka IoT, which helps billions of physical devices around the world connect to the internet, while receiving and sharing data;
  2. Automation of robotic processes: aka RPA, a software technology that facilitates the development, deployment and management of software robots (or bots) that emulate human behavior while interacting with digital systems and humans;
  3. Artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, machine learning: a model of life capacity that brings humans and the planet into harmony for the 21st century and beyond, often fueled by ever-improving superior intelligence with learning feedback;
  4. Block chain: makes possible a scenario where you can store money in a secure online wallet not linked to a bank, which implies that you are your own bank and have full control over it;
  5. Robotics and automation: depends on sensors, actuators, machine learning systems, complex algorithms and powerful processors to execute predefined programs as in autonomous vehicles;
  6. Augmented reality: an enhanced version of the real physical world achieved through the use of digital visuals, sounds or other sensory stimuli transmitted through technology;
  7. Virtual reality: provides a simulated experience that may be similar or completely different from the real world. AR is now redefining entertainment such as in video games, education, medical procedures, military training and business meetings;
  8. Social networks and collaborative technologies: using social media sites on the Internet to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues, clients or clients. Social networks can have a social purpose, a business purpose, or both, through sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram;
  9. Biotech, digital health, genetics: biology-based technology – harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve human life and the health of the planet;
  10. On-demand market platforms (which can only evolve through the continued growth of two distinct user groups: the seller and the buyer)

Source: 2019 KPMG Technology Industry Innovation Survey.

Considering all of the above, how would you like to position the asset called YOU, knowing what you now know to be and could be made possible?

We must become the Leader in enrichment Personal development (and classrooms) through technology

Educators need to be equipped with the technology to take the plunge and acquire the skills to integrate technology into education, which can take advantage of learning opportunities to advance their skills. For individuals and organizations looking to help transform the education system through technology, American University School of Education Online offers a Master of Arts in Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Policy and Leadership that prepare educators with excellent tools to become leaders. In addition, courses such as Implementation of the education program and policy and Teaching science in elementary school could equip graduate students with the essential skills to effectively merge technology in educational settings. Some advantages of technology-based learning environments (TELE) include, Increased global collaboration and communication, Personalized learning opportunities, curiosity driven by highly engaging content, and improved teacher productivity and effectiveness, among others.

At this point, thinking of the world as one piece, we need to:

  1. Develop digital content literacy on a national scale: Creating quality content is definitely a way to quickly gain prominence, as your audience is now more present on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms than on traditional platforms. We need to go further to make people aware of how and why different events, peoples, communities and cultures are represented in the global mass media and how this both reflects different contexts and affects intercultural understanding.
  2. Deliberately tap into the available spaces of the global knowledge network. We need to help students understand the power of “collective intelligence” through global networks where information is collected and analyzed. Engagement in these networks enables students to develop cross-cultural understanding while examining global issues, synthesizing information from multiple cultures, and collaborating in global teams to responsibly build on existing knowledge while by generating new ones.
  3. Hire a national or global audience through online publication. Nowadays, students not only have to share their research and ideas through technology in a classroom or school, but also share their learning around the world through online publishing tools and websites. that reach a global audience, such as platforms like Medium, Quota, or even their own channel. (personal website or blog).
  4. Quickly take advantage of the enormous power of virtual simulationto better appreciate national and global complexities, while focusing on creating solutions. Through the use of virtual reality, game worlds and modeling applications can simulate real-world experiences through the use of technology, while students can test globally accepted theories and engage their target content.

Considering the above, if you could make your dreams come true with one click, what would it be? What possibilities can technology realize if we pay more attention to it? We all know life runs at the speed of thought and now, with technology automating every part of it, the value is astronomical. And yes, we live in a connected world in which all countries will soon be ONE. Everything becomes more closely related and will merge into one great reality. And we should never underestimate or take for granted any human who can learn something new because knowledge is the great lever. How do you position yourself with the knowledge and experience for today’s relevance in the workplace (Work at home), entertainment (everywhere you go), social or community (at fingertips) And life (where you are is)?

I’m disconnecting for now, to you in technology, Olufemi Ariyo.


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