University of Transylvania: Studio 300 festival to bring cutting edge digital art and music to Transylvania in October



The University of Transylvania will bring the cutting edge of creativity to campus next week with its biennial Studio 300 digital art and music festival.

The festival, which takes place on October 6 and 7, features free public concerts, art and installation exhibitions, a sound walk, artist talks and an online gallery. These events will provide the Lexington community with a premier home for some of the world’s most innovative art and music. Consult the program.

Professor and festival director Timothy Polashek said Studio 300 is an “intense, interdisciplinary examination of how rapidly evolving technology constantly offers new opportunities for creative expression.”

For example, local artist Chad Eby collaborated with students from Transylvania to create a “Transy Soundwalk 2021” as part of a digital exhibition “Inside Outside”. Using a mobile app, visitors will find sounds ‘planted’ in circles on a map as they explore the virtual campus soundscape – three overlapping circles tuned to a chord allow for changes in timbre interesting in an area near Broadway; the Haggin steps offer ascending heights; and visitors can listen to a percussion garden on the lawn outside the Little Theater.

Eby, a University of Kentucky professor who will be giving a talk on art on October 6, also featured works in Coleman Hall and Morlan Gallery’s “Subtle”, an exhibition linked to Studio 300. The exhibition Morlan – his first public in-person exhibition of works by professional artists since early 2020 – invites visitors to slow down so they can really explore the works and see them more deeply.

Other events on the program include an interactive concert of electro-acoustic and multimedia music each evening at 7 in the Haggin Auditorium. These eclectic performances range from a piece for alto flute to a “TITE Rope Jam” for iPad performed by the Transylvania Interactive Technology Ensemble.

Studio 300, a reference to the school’s 300 N. Broadway address, is sponsored by the Transylvanian Liberal Digital Arts Initiative, the Morlan Gallery, and the Arts and Music Departments. It’s part of the university’s New Frontiers series, which asks campus and the surrounding community to go beyond the familiar and explore ideas, art, and music.

The festival explores a variety of pressing themes like artificial intelligence, data visualization, robotics, virtual reality, and green art and music.

Polashek said the students enjoy participating in the festival and that it is an extension of what they learn in the classroom. “Transylvanian students and faculty are already incredibly active in developing and integrating new technologies into their creative work and academic programs.”

Most Studio 300 events take place at the Mitchell Fine Arts Center, and free parking nearby is available.

Before visiting campus for any of these events, please read the Healthy at Transy guidelines.

This press release was produced by the University of Transylvania. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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