The National Incubation Center organizes a seminar to connect industries and digital media

The National Incubation Center (NIC) in Islamabad organized a one-day seminar on Pakistan’s digital future. The seminar was moderated by Parvez Abbasi, NIC Project Manager. The aim of the seminar was to create industrial links between NICs and digital media.

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“The National Incubation Center is proud to be the pioneer in creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs in Pakistan. At NIC, we encourage our media friends to witness and project this innovative side of Pakistan with enthusiasm,” said Parvez Abbasi, NIC Project Director.

The National Incubation Center, Pakistan’s largest innovation hub, was launched in 2016 in Islamabad. Developed to advance the vision of a digital Pakistan, by the Ministry of IT and Telecommunications and funded by Ignite – National Technology Fund. NIC Pakistan is the first of its kind. A shared space offering state-of-the-art facilities, a bridge between entrepreneurs, innovators and investors. A place born to nurture and develop talent from across Pakistan, powered by Jazz and run by Team up

An esteemed panel of in-depth media industry experts joined the event. Like the 4e mainstay of state media goes hand in hand with promoting the positive image of Pakistan globally. The discussion focused on exploring new avenues to project Pakistan as one of the major agents of change in South Asia.

From the Saving9 startup community, Shadiyana and Recce were present at the event. These startups shared stories about their journey, their achievements, their ideas and the impact of these startups on the Pakistani startup ecosystem.

The discussion created a platform where startups and digital media can collaborate to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

The event was concluded by Zeeshan Shahid-Program Manager. NIC is optimistic about its plan to project a positive digital Pakistan and this collaboration with digital media will only take it to new heights.