The 7 best digital art resources for inspiration


The popularity of digital art has increased over the past decade. As we continue to live and breathe in a digital landscape, the art world hidden behind galleries and museums has undergone an incredible transition.

Sometimes digital artists need a little more inspiration to keep going. To help you with your networking needs or to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices, here are the top seven resources every digital artist needs.

As a photo-sharing site, Pinterest is simple and yet a great source of inspiration for digital artists.

It has images on every topic you can search and its keyword research on the site is very effective in helping you find the images you need. Once you click on the image to view the larger version, you can also see the original source.

Besides using it for creative inspiration, Pinterest is used by digital artists to network and market their work. Pinterest lets you create your own boards to upload your digital art to, helping you increase your online presence and engagement.

On a mission to create the world’s best platform for digital artists, designers, and creative professionals, Dribbble is a great resource for getting inspired, finding work, learning design, or hiring designers. Here you can see a treasure trove of digital art projects from design professionals around the world.

Its keyword tool helps you easily find the newest or trending digital art projects. Additionally, Dribbble is a great place to network with like-minded creative professionals, all of whom are able to share their feedback and creative inspiration with you.

You’ll find digital art and creative inspiration in eight categories, namely Animation, Branding, Illustration, Mobile, Print, Product Design, Typography, and Web Design. You can also filter your search based on Popular Posts or New and Notable Posts.

conceptual art world screen

Featuring conceptual artists, illustrators, and designers, Concept Art World is a great and beautiful online gallery for digital artists looking for inspiration and ideas to get started. It features a clean layout and its easy navigation features help you access the art you desire.

In addition to the usual sections you hope to find on a digital art platform such as artists, studios, and inspiration, Concept Art World also surprises you with sections on news, books, and training.

You can browse digital art training courses, webinars and events in the training section. From methods to mastering specific tools and designs to advice on a range of digital art-related topics, the training section gives you insight into what’s going on in the world on stage. digital art.

Although it is structured like an art directory, you can access most of the content in Concept Art World as if you were reading a blog.

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CG Company Home Page

Being one of the most popular digital art sites of the past decade, the Computer Graphics Society (CG Society) is here to inspire you, educate you, and help you learn the ins and outs of digital art.

You can share your work, tell stories, or improve your skills to advance your career in digital art at CG Society. What makes CG Society stand out is how acclaimed art directors use this space to hire new talent from time to time.

In addition, its CGTalk community forum is very active and attracts digital artists from near and far who talk about best practices, trends and new work.

You can check out his gallery for inspiration, keep up to date with digital art news, and sign up for workshops to hone your skills. In addition to engaging digital artists from around the world, CG Society is driven by an intense need to empower them with the right tools and knowledge.

Although not limited to digital art, Deviant Art is a good source of inspiration for artists around the world. Quite similar to Pinterest in practice and purpose, this website is the largest online art gallery with a vibrant community of like-minded people.

You can seek out and find the inspiration you are looking for, or join groups to participate in stimulating conversations. Besides having digital art as a separate subject, Deviant Art offers 38 other subjects or genres to choose from. It will certainly leave you spoiled for choice when looking for ideas.

You can log in and submit your own art here. In addition, you can make custom illustrations to order. If you’re in the mood to explore and experiment, you can use Deviant Art’s own digital drawing tools to create some great art.

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If you want to learn from the best artists in the profession, IAMAG is a great resource known for its masterclasses and live interactive sessions.

You can experience the creative process of top creative designers, learn concept art and methodology with the masters, and watch tutorials that help you master the techniques and tools of the digital art world. In addition to lectures on topics, tools and techniques dedicated to the art, significant help is available on job and career management.

You can get ideas from artists and studios or sign up for digital art challenges on the site. You can discuss hot topics and explore best practices by chatting with top professionals and creative designers from its vibrant community of members.

You can also use IAMAG for portfolio reviews, private lessons from top digital artists, and mentoring sessions that help you advance your digital art career in no time.

Mentoring sessions are available for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Additionally, you can opt for courses and mentors in a number of languages ​​other than English.

coolvibe homepage

Being a site dedicated to showcasing the best digital art, CoolVibe invites submissions from new and experienced digital artists. All of the work on their website is attributed to original artists, and the team spends a lot of time every day bringing you great inspiring ideas for your next piece of art.

Whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, video game art, anime or manga, it has cool digital art on top of everything else that exists virtually.

You can go to the website’s archives for inspiration, or even browse different styles like concept art, 3D art, illustrations, videos, films and digital paintings. If you want wallpapers inspired by digital art, CoolVibe also lets you get your hands on them.

Explore, experience and enjoy digital art

While all of the resources can be great starting points for exploring and enjoying the world of digital art, they do not require any prior experience or qualification for you to hop on the bandwagon and be one of them. they.

These websites celebrate creativity and curiosity like no other. Hence, they help you to easily master your techniques so that your digital art can speak.

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