Sergey Kir, Ukrainian-American artist, rising star of digital art, launched his digital celebration art series

“Sergey Kir launched his Celebration digital art series in April 2022 on to great reviews.”

The Celebration Collection on is an NFT digital art set, which mainly consists of Kir’s works from the Fashion series that he created under the inspiration and in collaboration with the fashion designers, of whom he was witnessed at NYFW shows from Flying Solo, FDLA, and other NYFW sponsors.

NEW YORK, NY, USA – April 25, 2022 – Sergey Kir, Ukrainian-American artist, rising star of digital art, based in New York launched his Celebration art series in April 2022 on the platform, where participants can bid to buy unique and exclusive works by the artist. The Celebration collection on is an NFT set, which mainly consists of Kir’s works from the Fashion series that he created under the inspiration and in collaboration with the fashion designers, which he witnessed during the fashion shows Flying Solo’s NYFW, FDLA and other sponsors. from NYFW.

The Celebration series is currently auctioned in the arena and minted on LootNFT’s native blockchain. The artist uses references to Greek mythology and biblical themes to highlight a world of fashion as a seemingly semi-divine, extraordinary being, yet above all driven by creative talent. “I want to celebrate the real stars of fashion with my art – the designers who burn the midnight oil to create the vision everyone loves,” says Kir. Kir’s compositions are created using computer algorithms, with strong philosophical and socio-political messages as their underpinnings. By blending machine learning, finance, humanity, storytelling, and vibrant color, Kir believes he’s able to create images just short of perfection.

His works are divided into different series:

1. Bible series – The Bible series was his first art series to commemorate the inspiration he received over the years.

2. New York series – The most interesting places in New York are represented. Kir believes that New York is the city of people’s dreams and aspirations, where one can reinvent oneself, change one’s destiny and create a new reality. From Kir’s perspective, New York is endless inspiration for creativity, but also his home with all the cherished and favorite places.

3. American Riot/Pandemic series – For Kir, the summer 2020 Black Lives Matter protests that led to widespread outbreaks and violent destruction, as well as the violent Capitol Riot that led to the Capitol Siege. His art reflects these moments.

4. Series Mode – In 2019, Kir introduced his Fashion Series, which he started after attending several fashion shows during NYFW. He was fascinated by the creative talent of many designers who produced the Fashion series, which celebrates the duality of the fashion industry, which combines an industry and a dream.

5. Abstract Series – A series revolutionizing abstraction.


LOTTNFT.IO is a gamified-by-reference arcade auction platform where members use BUNs, Limited Supply Tokens, to bid on NFTs. Loot Arena is where miners play auctions and mine the native ecosystem’s native currency. Miners buy BUN, a limited quantity (500 million) crypto token, to bid at auction. A bid in the last 15 seconds resets the timer to 15 seconds. The last to bid when the timer expires wins the NFT. Miners get Loot Tickets (LTT) when they bid at auction based on a mining ratio (e.g. 42 BUN bids at auction for 1 LTT). LTTs are used to redeem products and services and can also be kept by minors (future feature). All BUNs spent by miners on auctions are sent to the oven, a time-locked wallet. The furnace redistributes a portion of the BUN to miners every Sunday as rewards proportional to their level of auction participation.

About Sergei Kir

Sergey Kir, born in Ukraine and now residing in New York, is an innovative artist who has created his own remarkable and new style of art, which has been coined “Conceptivism”. An ambitious approach to painting, Conceptivism synthesizes technology, financial modeling and art history into a cohesive whole. Using hand drawing, digital photography and quantitative finance analytical methods, Kir aims to create a gesamtkunstwerkor absolute work of art, which goes beyond the visual to incite, provoke, inspire and enrich the minds of its viewers.

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