Norwegian Cruise Line’s New Digital Art Collection Sells Out In Twenty Minutes

The two wildly different worlds of NFT and the cruise industry collided today at an auction hosted by Norwegian Cruise Line. With the launch of Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship in August this year, the cruise line held an auction of artwork inspired by the Norwegian Prima.

The auction included NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, of artwork created by Manuel Di Rita, also known as Peeta, the designer of the spectacular hull art that will feature on norwegian prima and her sister ship Norwegian Viva. The popularity of the pieces was proven this morning, as the collection sold out within 20 minutes.

Norwegian Prima NFT art sells out in record time

An auction of five of the six digital artworks by Italian designer Peeta sold out in record time this morning. The artworks all depicted parts of the design process of norwegian primaNorwegian Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship.

NFT versions of artwork that will feature as physical artwork onboard, depictions of the design process between NCL and Peeta, a rearrangement of hull art for norwegian primaa piece inspired by the entire creative process of designing Norwegian Prima’s hull art, all sold out within 20 minutes.

Image Courtesy: Norwegian Cruise Line

Only one piece remains, “Norwegian Prima Hull Art”, which will remain available for auction until April 21, 2022. The auction winner will also win a cruise for two in a balcony stateroom on one of the Prima Norwegian Maiden voyages to the United States, departing from Miami.

The art of the hull for norwegian prima was designed to be visible from all angles, with flowing shapes and imperceptible beginnings and endings, like the ocean. On the Norwegian Prima, blue swirls are depicted as moving freely across the hull, mimicking the rippling motion of water.

Harry Sommer, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line, said: “The Prima Class is the future of NCL, bringing innovation and guest experiences out of this world…and into the metaverse! Art plays an important role in our fleet customer experience, and we are thrilled to add to our legacy of early female pioneers with this adventure into the world of NFTs.

Outraged norwegian primaManuel Di Rita will also design the hull art for the sister ship Viva Norwegianwhich is due to sail in June 2023.

Norwegian Prima class cruise ships
Image Courtesy: Norwegian Cruise Line

norwegian prima

Given the anticipation that has been building for Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship, it’s no surprise that all five NFTs sold out as quickly as they did. The Norwegian Prima is one of the most anticipated cruise ships in the industry.

The first of six Prima class cruise ships, norwegian prima is the start of a new chapter for the cruise line. From August, after the inauguration by world superstar Katy Perryit will embark on a series of Northern European cruises from Southampton, Amsterdam and Reykjavík.

Other cruises will depart from New York, Galveston, Miami and Port Canaveral. The 142,500 gross ton cruise ship has a capacity of 3,215 passengers in double occupancy and is currently in the final stages of fitting out at the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy.

Prima NFT Norwegian Collection