NBA All-Star Chris Paul joins digital media startup Greenfly’s growth cycle – TechCrunch

Greenfly’s latest fundraising has a new face: Phoenix Suns leader Chris Paul joined the company as a strategic investor and partner, which developed software for managing digital media feeds.

Paul’s investment is part of a strategic $ 8.4 million growth cycle that also includes Verance Capital, Higher Ground Labs, DD Venture Capital, SW19 Ventures, LinkinFirm and Allievo Capital, as well as existing investors Go4it Capital. , Elysian Park Ventures, Alpha Edison and Iconica Partners.

The new round gives Los Angeles-based Greenfly more than $ 23 million raised since the company was formed in 2014 by former Major League Baseball All-Star Shawn Green and his cousin Daniel Kirschner, who occupied previously senior positions with the US Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission and Activision Blizzard.

Green and Kirschner saw how social media generated new revenue streams for organizations like sports teams, politics, and mainstream brands, but needed a way to easily share real-time media distribution. Kirschner explained that when Green started his career, there were times he needed to provide commentary for a public moment, such as when his home run record was tied, and it occurred to Green. that they could build a mini multimedia studio.

Paul, an 11-time National Basketball Association All-Star member, was one of the first users of Greenfly, using the platform to share content on his social media after his matches. However, Paul realized that he was also sitting on valuable content in his phone, like photos of games or events, but without a good system to easily access them or to match them to current events at. that time. He sees Greenfly as “instant access to a media gallery” that he can share on his social media accounts.

One of the best features, he explained, was seeing a social media post with only two photos of an event, but while searching for Greenfly he came across 12 to 15 other photos that he didn’t had never seen. He believes the company will continue to grow and, as a partner, will work with Greenfly to raise awareness of the platform and involve other players.

“I’m a huge fan of creating memories and viewing photos,” Paul told TechCrunch. “You can go in and search my name and Devin Booker’s name and see pictures of us playing together. The NBA uses Greenfly to automate media and share it with others. I love it because it makes it easier – you don’t. don’t want something hard and complicated.

Instead of just reusing material, Greenfly will continue to build an event-based workflow that provides automated sourcing, creation and distribution of photos and short videos created for social media.

Greenfly is also working on further improvements to organize the most relevant media for users, and collecting data to provide more information on this so that users can manage relationships with their community to amplify their posts. The new funding will go to growth and expansion to create additional collaboration tools and content as more players sign up.

“With Chris, this is an opportunity to approach the issue from an athlete’s perspective,” said Kirschner. “Our agreements are mainly with leagues and teams, so working with athletes, who are their own brands, allows us to be the registration system for all games.”

The past year has been a period of strong growth for the company, and it had reached a tipping point just before 2020, he added. Greenfly now works with over 30 sports leagues including NBA, Major League Baseball, and World Surf League.

It also has more than 500 organizations in sports, media and entertainment, political campaigns, social causes and mainstream brands, and is growing more than 100% so far in 2021, said Kirschner.

With the evolution of social media, the company is looking for more refined content because it has learned that stories and intimate content work better.

“We decided to create a content collaboration platform to provide content that athletes and others can share on social media and also manage this workflow around large, complex organizations,” he said. added. “Organizations have a lot of content and we make it available through routing and curation tools, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. “

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