Minnesota Twins Launch Best Buy-Sponsored Digital Art Experience


A current NBA player just tried to put his own jersey patch ad on his own team’s uniform – and was rejected.

Point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, who signed a three-year, $ 62 million free agent deal with the Washington Wizards last summer and is the creator of the blockchain-based influencer app Calaxy, saw his $ 12 million offer to team rejected by NBA.

According to reports, the player-team agreement broke league rules prohibiting players from partnering with team owners – a potential conflict of interest. Dinwiddie confirmed the failed Twitter deal, but always seems to be trying to restart negotiations.

“I thought that was complete BS bullshit because, like really, I would have paid a high price for it,” Dinwiddie told Chase Hughes of NBCSports Washington.

“They were, I think, selling it for about $ 12 million or something. Like, brother, I’d pay that. Can I just put on my jersey patch? It would be so baller, like, come on. in a new team [near] Capitol Hill, in a new jersey with a crypto patch on the jersey. But they shot that, so the NBA hates it. “

Calaxy, short for “Creator Galaxy,” is a community engagement app that allows influencers to sell digital tokens that can be redeemed for access to Calaxy’s Creator Network. Cryptocurrency can lead to virtual interactions with Dinwiddie, among others, or special virtual events like basketball clinics. Its mantra is: “The social market opened for creators, by creators”.

The Wizards’ jersey patch deal with Geico expired over the summer. Team owner Ted Leonsis also chairs the Washington Capitals, which last week partnered with Caesar Entertainment to become the first professional sports team in the United States to wear a betting company logo on the front of their uniforms.


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