Loans without information are loans that are to be applied for without viewing Credit Bureau. These loans are the way out for people who have problems with their creditworthiness. A possible trigger is a negative entry, but the overindebtedness to be assumed is also possible. The article explains how everyone can get into such a situation and what to watch out for.

Loans without information – if the bank sets the wrong standards

Loans without information - if the bank sets the wrong standards

Loans without information are not only interesting if the Credit Bureau entry is negative. As a result of the USD crisis, many financial institutions have raised the barriers to lending significantly. People who already meet current payment obligations are particularly affected. Today everyone has a cell phone contract. For a sporty balance, go to the fitness center and the monthly installments for the car must be paid off properly.

A normal life situation, no one would draw the conclusion that an additional loan could lead to overindebtedness. But this is exactly what is becoming increasingly common. When it comes to lending, the clerks take a closer look. The garnishment exemption limit can be reached through the current monthly obligations. A normal loan is suddenly no longer possible.

Two reminders separate every citizen from the negative Credit Bureau entry

Two reminders separate every citizen from the negative Credit Bureau entry

Everyone works with electronic invoices every day. Quite often they end up in spam and are automatically cleaned up by the system. Suddenly a reminder flutters into the house. Unfortunately, exactly at the most beautiful time of the year, the holiday season. Valuable time passes again, the warning remains. A second reminder is already in the mailbox when you return home. The reminders come back from vacation straight onto the stack of things that now urgently need to be done.

However, it always takes a little while for everything to go back to normal. A period of time that can have dire consequences. In addition to the heavy dunning fees, the late payment has a negative Credit Bureau entry. Only two reminders separate every citizen from a complete loss of creditworthiness. Loans without information are the only remaining option.

Who grants loans without Credit Bureau?

Who grants loans without Credit Bureau?

Credit brokers who forego an insight into Credit Bureau are primarily offered by credit intermediaries. The money mostly comes from abroad. In recent years, however, credit institutions based in Germany have accepted the loan without Credit Bureau. It is important to note a precise credit comparison for these offers. Not all borrowing costs are included in the annual percentage rate shown.

The platforms for personal loans offer further alternatives for loans without information. Private investors, mostly small savers, are free to choose who to entrust their money to. Credit is possible through the portals both with and without Credit Bureau. The credit costs are in line with the market, but it is somewhat more difficult to get higher loan amounts if you do not have the Credit Bureau certificate.

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