Leverage digital media for sustained business growth – Experts at Lagos Digital Summit 2021

From left to right: Creative Director, Expoze Nigeria, Ademola Adetona; GMD, Rage Media, George Omoraro; Accounting consultant, Temitope Adetona; Adewale Akeem Adetona, Coordinator of the Lagos Digital Summit, at LDS 2021

The 2021 edition of the Lagos Digital Summit (LDS) highlighted the importance of digital media in the accelerated growth of individuals and brands. The eponymous event took place on Friday, November 26, 2021 at The Zone Tech Park, Gbagada, Lagos.

Under the theme “Digital media as a tool for business growth”, the 5th edition of the Summit brought together speakers from different backgrounds to discuss the relevance of a digital strategy and the reasons why organizations can no longer give it a role. partial role.

Summit keynote speaker, Rage Media Group CEO George Omoraro, stressed in his speech that businesses and individuals should take full advantage of the digital space despite the obvious challenges. He said, “What sets you apart as a brand is the ability to filter through noise and always be heard. Everyone’s talking, but a brand still needs to say something distinctive that will grab attention.

“The content comes to life and tells a story, but we have to be careful enough to make sure we take over control of the story. Creating industry-specific content, using laser-targeted geo-targeting for advertisements, publishing consistently are reliable and tested models for success.

On the need for brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Omoraro noted: “Today’s consumer is always connected; we’re more interested in low friction and immediacy. We don’t want the stress of standing in line. The mindset of consumers in the digital space today is to have needs met quickly. Therefore, the brand’s job is to engage with them on this issue and deliver service to consumers the way they want to be served rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. This is the only way to obtain satisfaction and reference as a corollary. It shows why companies like Amazon, Uber, and others start their business as intermediaries providing convenience to the end user.

The event featured two panel sessions comprised of artists and members of the formal business community. The composition of the first panel had known faces such as Tolani “TolaniBaj” Shobajo; Debo “Monsieur Macaroni” Adebayo; Imoh Umoren; Naomi Mac; Collins Teke and moderated by Elsie Godwin.

Discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the registration of a brand name in the consciousness of the target audience. According to former Big Brother Nigeria roommate Tolani Baj, there is a wide range of techniques to achieve this and his was performed using one of them. “I began to integrate my name TolaniBaj into people’s consciousness by captioning all my messages. That way people already knew and predicted what my legend would be and that’s how I built the name into people’s minds before the fame, ”she noted.

On the question of the celebrity formula, respected filmmaker Umoren joked: “There are two parts to achieving fame. The first one, you only need to do something crazy without a lot of talent, while on the other hand, you can differentiate yourself for your skills. Both CKay and Kim Kardashian are popular but for different reasons.

Panelists were unanimous in saying that digital media is more than just social media, and choosing platforms to focus on based on your target market is a better strategy than trying to be everywhere at the same time. time.

According to Collins Teke, an on-air personality and voice-over artist, he was successful when he chose to focus on one channel (YouTube) because it attracted its audience more than others. For her part, Voice Nigeria singer and finalist Naomi Mac has advised content creators to be strategic, intentional, and have a structure to succeed in the digital space. Popular actor and activist Mr Macaroni argued that all Nigerians needed to harness the potential of the digital space was an enabling environment.

The second panel bringing together members of the business world did not depart from the previous one in terms of format and substance. Hosted by tech entrepreneur and TV host, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata; Founder / CEO, Rolad Properties, Dotun Oloyede; Editor-in-Chief / Content Director, Pulse Nigeria, Ben Bassey; Co-founder, PennyTree, Ayo Ogunlowo; Vice President, Growth Marketing, Terragon Group, Oti Ukubeyinje and Editor-in-Chief, BusinessDay Weekender, Lehle Balde.

According to Bassey, the appeal of digital media lies in its ease of measurement. “One of the advantages of digital is that you can actually follow everything. If it works you can measure it and if it doesn’t you will see it too. The goal of most campaigns is conversion, and most platforms have analytics tools, ”he said.

For Ogunlowo, the impact of the digital space is felt in the number of opportunities it has created. According to him: “There are so many jobs today that people never knew they could build careers as an SEO specialist, UI / UX designer, social media influencer and the like. The universality and remoteness of these jobs lends itself to people doing multiple jobs with platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Balde and Oloyede agreed that digital media allows businesses to reach audiences they might not otherwise have reached offline, and as brand perception is typically formulated online, it has become a part of it. extremely important marketing strategies these days.

The organizer of the Lagos Digital Summit and Managing Partner of Mustardels Media, Adetona Adewale Akeem aka iSlimfit, reiterated in her welcome speech that the event was born out of the desire to create a platform for learning, networking and collaboration between enthusiasts and practitioners of digital media in Nigeria and promised that it would continue to grow bigger year by year.

Expoze Nigeria Creative Director Ademola Adetona in his closing remarks thanked the sponsors and speakers for their contribution and engaging speech which helped to magnify the LDS cause in the best possible way.

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