How Quench Botanics uses digital media to craft a robust expansion strategy

K-beauty has been making waves ever since it entered our skincare routines a few years ago. For generations, South Koreans have cracked the code to achieve clear, glowing skin — and, not so surprisingly, this is where most of the skincare trends that we see circulating on social networks. From routines to ingredients to products, everything about K-beauty is sacrosanct.

According to Allied Market Research, “The K-beauty products market size was valued at $10.2 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $13.9 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 9.0% by 2021. to 2027. Asia-Pacific is one of the leading regions in the market which alone accounted for around 70% of the total K-beauty market share in 2019.”

K-Pop dramas, Korean pop culture and social media are further driving the consumption of K-beauty brands in India. To tap into the growing demand for K-beauty products, many brands have made inroads into the Indian market. One such brand that has managed to earn the trust of its consumers is Quench Botanics.

“After COVID, we noticed a huge increase in skincare, so we were sure we wanted to launch a skincare brand. The idea then was to identify the white space in the skincare market. skin overpopulated. We decided to survey skincare users and develop a brand using their input. We contacted over 200,000 skincare enthusiasts and realized there was strong interest for Korean skincare products. We built the brand on exactly what consumers wanted. They were excited to try products with global trending ingredients such as Cica, Avocado, Chia Seed, etc. that are inaccessible to most This is how we focused on Korean skincare and decided to launch affordable yet premium K-beauty products in India,” says Janvi Kapadia, Brand Manager, Quench Botanics.

“Quench Botanics is the culmination of an incredible collaboration between product innovation, strategy and design. While Korean skincare (K-beauty) enjoys a loyal following, we needed to introduce the concept to a new audience. We have created a brand that is equal parts science and art. A rigorous approach, associated with natural and rejuvenating plants. Our main motto was to create a personalized K-skincare brand for Indian consumers,” she adds.

What is the USP?

Quench is different from other Korean beauty brands in the Indian market because its USP is that it is a Korean skincare brand customized for Indian consumers.

“For every new product, we first try to understand the concerns of skincare consumers in India. We then try to leverage the know-how, technology and unique ingredients of our Korean partners to develop a product addressing these concerns,” she says.

“For example, double cleansing is a big part of Korean skincare. It is extremely effective and helps to deeply cleanse the skin and remove deep-seated impurities, water-resistant makeup, and unclog pores. However, double cleaning requires twice as much time – the first should use an oil-based cleanser, then water.Consumers should first use an oil-based cleanser, then supplement it with a water based cleanser.However, we realized that an average Indian consumer does not like to spend more than 2 minutes on cleaning, so we introduced My Cherry Brightening Foam Cleanser which is a 2 in 1 water based cleanser. oil + facial cleanser. Double cleansing in one step! Another example, Indian consumers are used to products containing natural Ayurvedic ingredients such as tulsi, neem, lemon, etc. Keeping this in mind, we decided to to introduce products that combine unique Korean natural ingredients such as cherry blossom, cica, chia seeds and flavors with various actives to ensure consumers get a highly effective product. Any Quench product that we pick up will contain at least 3 natural and unique ingredients,” says Kapadia.

Retail and Marketing Strategy

Since last year’s lockdown, Indians have shown keen interest in Korean culture – mainly K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Food and K-Beauty. There is a huge buzz about it on social media, which is why from the beginning the brand has aggressively pushed influencer and social media marketing activities, as well as strong amplification through other digital marketing efforts.

“Our marketing plans were highlighted on our brand website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blog and Linkedin, with an emphasis on strong content marketing. We have promoted and curated educational content related to K-skincare, working with several influencers who create short and long format videos that consumers want to see. Our website features exclusive products and value kits that keep our customers excited and intrigued,” she says.

“Exploring retail marketing further, we have a distinct set of exclusive offers and merchandise at our outlets. We also had bloggers across the country visiting and reviewing Quench Botanics stores in different cities. Visual merchandising has been one of our marketing priorities, so that we can create distinct brand visibility and awareness through the physical format. We aim to improve our ranks in those gates where we will be present and also expand it to new heights,” she adds.

Marry technology with brand

Technology has played a huge role in transforming Quench Botanics’ digital space into a seamless and hassle-free experience for customers.

“Technology has also been integrated into various functions such as operations, logistics, warehousing and store inventory accounting,” she shares.

Future plans

Going forward, the brand will continue to focus on a 360-degree media mix that involves a holistic balance of online and offline communication channels.

“We launched our own D2C website and also sell on other e-commerce portals like Amazon. We also look forward to launching an app for Quench soon. In retail, we are present in over 350 touchpoints across modern and general retail outlets and are working on greater retail availability as we plan to launch our exclusive outlets soon in India. Overall, we look forward to growing our distribution, increasing our interaction with consumers by pushing a strong content game on social media, and we will continue to launch new products and ranges,” she concludes.