We urge the Federal Government to oppose the trend towards the reduction and ultimately the abolition of cash. Cash can not be abolished or even banned. Money means civil liberty and protection against state and commercial surveillance. Money means the freedom of the citizen of state and entrepreneurial supervision. Money also means protection against arbitrary expropriation.

to recieve money

to recieve money

Encourage the government to oppose the propensity to reduce and ultimately eliminate cash. Cash may not be canceled or even prohibited. Money means civil liberty and protects against state and commercial education. The cash protects the consumers from unnecessary expenses. It must therefore be obtained.

Reduce the influence of banks on the necessary. Avoid barrier-free control. Promote the receipt of cash. The loss of cash is a general dream of governments and banks: because the bank earns more by paying card fees. The countries, because the e-money flows are very easy to control.

This is a worldwide trend: instead of cash, more and more people are paying by card or by mobile phone. This development has its own concept. The payout amount was limited in many countries. Some bank branches in Finland have already stopped paying the cash. This development is driven by various economists, bankers and politicians.

It serves the interests of the credit institutions and the state (fees and supervision). It is therefore not surprising that there are always attempts to wipe out cash. Cash should be contaminated with pathogens; Criminals would also benefit from the availability of cash through, for example, black market, money laundering, multiple employment or tax evasion.

But the loss of money is associated with great dangers. The worst is the aspect of total surveillance.

Get cash!

Get cash!

The trend towards reduction and ultimately the ban on cash must be stopped. Money is the liberation of the citizen from state and corporate supervision. Money also means protection against arbitrary expropriation. It must therefore be obtained. Avoid the glass client and the glass citizen. Make a clear commitment to keep the money.

There is a tendency in the European Union to reduce the number of cash transactions. Even today, many banks and businesses refuse to hand over or accept cash. It’s about controlling the population. Then the transparent citizen becomes reality. In addition, credit institutions have a great interest in getting rid of cash.

Then the transparent person is reality.

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