Digital Media Officer Honored | News

JONESBORO — Rachel Anderson spends her days policing the Jonesboro Police Department’s Real-Time Crime Center.

Anderson, a Certified Digital Media Reserve Police Officer, was named Craighead County CrimeStoppers Police Officer of the Year.

“I certainly didn’t expect it,” Anderson said after receiving the award. “I planned it for someone else. I was shocked; I didn’t deserve it.

She was seated in the audience at the ceremony when her name was called as the winner. She said she has worked with CrimeStoppers for several years, securing monetary rewards for people in the public who provide advice leading to the arrest of wanted people.

Anderson, who worked at JPD for three years and previously at City Hall for two years, is responsible for the 15 SkyCops cameras and 37 intersection cameras for the department.

If a wreck occurs at an intersection where there is a camera, Anderson can radio the response officer and tell them who is responsible for the accident.

“It cuts down on the time officers have to spend on wreckage,” she said.

Anderson said that with intersection cameras, she can track a vehicle being chased by police and give officers directions on the route the vehicle is taking.

She said the addition of cameras has given police more options to solve crimes in real time.

According to the department, “The Crime Analysis Division is responsible for the analysis and dissemination of criminal activity data and the collection and maintenance of criminal intelligence information for the City of Jonesboro. information they provide contributes to officer safety and crime reduction efforts.

Anderson was appointed by Sgt. Lyle Waterworth and chosen by the board for her work with the department.

Below is an excerpt from his nomination:

“Rachel Anderson has built a following and partnership within the Northeast Arkansas community for the Jonesboro Police Department that allows us to reach tens of thousands of people, in an innovative way that gives many advice and eventually arrests. Rachel’s creativity and passion for ensuring victims are served and suspects are identified has served our community well and her skillset continues to grow.

“Today, as a digital media specialist and digital video analyst, she has been tasked with coordinating the city’s camera network and makes herself available to officers on the street almost 24 hours a day. Shortly before I started typing that nomination, we had a one person theft where Rachel was able to identify the suspect vehicle and where the vehicle was from.

“It is the passion that embodies the vision of Crime Stoppers, and his efforts reinforce that Craighead County Crime Stoppers will continue to be the premier community crime-solving program and these efforts must not go unnoticed. .”

Anderson received a plaque from CrimeStoppers for being selected as Officer of the Year.