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A designer and a sculptor deploy an arsenal of digital and industrial tools to produce Against Fuerta.

The Philadelphia Sculptor by Miguel Horn The latest work may not seem particularly technological, but it is the product of a sophisticated design and manufacturing process that many landscape architects can recognize. Against Fuerte is a new permanent outdoor installation that will be unveiled this fall. “It’s a monument to collective action,” says Horn.

The installation contains a strong element of discovery. Located in a downtown alley just across 12th Street from the Reading Terminal Market, the sculpture depicts two sets of male and female figures, entwined and propped up against a small bridge as if with superhuman strength holding the suspension bridge over the causeway. To execute and install the job, which weighs 11,000 pounds and includes more than 5,000 interlocking aluminum parts, Horn turned to the capabilities of the design software and brought in his longtime friend Chris Landau, an ASLA affiliate, a design technologist with a new eponymous company, collaborate. (Continued…)

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