BJP leader shares old letter from Priyanka Gandhi

BJP leader shares old letter from Priyanka Gandhi threatening Yes Bank founder to buy Rs.2 cr Rupees painting

The BJP has accused Congress of pressuring Yes Bank co-founder Rana Kapoor to acquire a painting of MF Hussain worth Rs 2 crore from Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the secretary general of the party. At a press conference in New Delhi, BJP spokesman Gaurav Bhatia said Kapoor initially refused to pay the two crore rupees for the painting, but the Congress government pressured him. and blackmailed him into doing it. He further stated that when Congress was in power, members of the Gandhi family pressed former ministers to buy some of the paintings with criminal money. Mr. Bhatia suggested that Priyanka Gandhi clarify her position on the subject.

Singh took to Twitter to post a letter signed by Priyanka Gandhi thanking Rana Kapoor for purchasing an MF Husain photograph of Rajiv Gandhi.

“I acknowledge receipt of your letter together with your payment of Rs. 2 crore, which is the final and full payment for the painting in question. I assume that you are aware of the historical significance of this work and will ensure that it is presented in an appropriate framework “According to the letter.

Yes Bank co-founder Rana Kapoor claimed in a statement to the Law Enforcement Branch that he was coerced into buying a Priyanka Gandhi painting and the proceeds from the transaction were used to pay for the medical care of Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi in New York.

Kapoor also told ED that Ahmed Patel, a close confidant of Sonia Gandhi, told him that by supporting the Gandhi family at an opportune time for Sonia Gandhi’s medical treatment, Kapoor had done a good deed for the family and that he would be duly considered for the “Padma Bhushan” award.

Following his arrest in a money laundering case in March 2020, the banker is currently in police custody.

Despite the fact that the artwork belonged to Congress and not Priyanka Gandhi, it was sold to Kapoor by Priyanka Gandhi. They further claimed that Congress leader Milind Deora persuaded Rana Kapoor, then director of Yes Bank.

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