A “digital twin” of the AFRL Gray Wolf cruise missile prototype. WASHINGTON: The Air Force Research Laboratory’s WeaponONE effort to develop “digital twin” technology will put “real hardware in the loop” and test how the return of a real-world weapon can be used by its doppelganger to quickly resolve issuesRead More →

K1 Packaging Group Introduces First Landa Nanotechnology Press on the West Coast of the United States Tweet this The Landa S10’s advanced and powerful digital processing platform supports real-time quality control and a highly efficient and streamlined workflow that minimizes waste. These components bring the Landa S10 into easy complianceRead More →

Three interviews with three digital spearheads. Based on the themes of the Adyen Design Meets webinars held at the end of last year, in collaboration with Dutch Digital Design. The second interview is with Wouter Westen, founder and creative director of Amsterdam-based Circus Family, and former snowboard enthusiast, DJ andRead More →